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Laura Spingola, Trade Resources' President, visits Havana schools with Ambassadors for Children education and healthcare mission. "Recent negotiations are a breakthrough for potential market growth and regional security amid North and South America!"

In recognition of our mentor in consumerism and economic development, former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne shared information about Chicago for investment with Beijing Mayor Han Zhe-vi at a world conference on population and urban planning in 1980.

NEW BRUNSWICK IN CHICAGO ---Trade Resources managed a successful trade mission from New Brunswick, Canada for 10 multi-sector companies. Enjoying the trade mission's reception after a busy day of meetings are left to right: Laura Spingola, Gilles Gallant, Tara Devlin-Huys, Yvonne Gruenthaler, Marielle Clair and Darren Graham.

Lori Healey, Executive Director of the Chicago Host Committee for the NATO Summits recently addressed the Economic Development Council in a presentation highlighting the Opportunites and Challenges of hosting the upcoming Summits.

Pictured: James Naughton, EDC Board, Laura Spingola, EDC Board, Lori Healey, guest speaker, Peggy Parfenoff, WorldChicago, Lewis Matuszewich, EDC Board Chairman, Tatsuhiro Shindo, JETRO Chicago, William Testa, EDC Board.

Trade Resources managed a breakfast seminar honoring Albert Gallatin, a Swiss American who was the longest serving Secretary of the US Treasury. Panelists who discussed fiscal responsibility included Dr. Randy Eberts, The Upjohn Institute, Terry Savage, syndicated financial columnist, Elizabeth Brackett, WTTW-TV (moderator), and Honorable Jean Daniel Gerber, Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago recently awarded Laura Spingola certificates for the Best Forecast of Net Exports and also the Trade Weighted Dollar (not shown). The forecasts submitted in 2009 are awarded in 2010.

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QUESTION: I am considering starting a candy distribution business that exports to and buys from other countries. What initial data do I need?
ANSWER: You will need to conduct some basic research when you begin.
Some questions you should ask about selling (exporting) are: Which is the largest market, fastest growth market, and at what price can I sell the product?
For the sake of this example, we'll use HS Code 1704 - Sugar Confections including white chocolate without Cocoa - for Calendar Year 2010:
Largest market (Quantity terms) = Canada; Growth market (% basis) = Cambodia/Czech Republic; Average World Price (per kilogram) = $3.09
If you are considering buying (importing) from another country; you need the same information, but the interpretation differs.
Largest supplying market (Quantity terms) = Mexico; Growth market (% basis) = Jamaica; Average World Price (per kilogram) = $ 2.38

Other questions will follow concerning your company's mission, competition, regulations, etc. but these basic market issues should be addressed upfront.

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