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TRADE RESOURCES has provided international services of varying complexities that influenced business growth and change. These projects span numerous, diverse country markets and industry sectors. A few examples of TRADE RESOURCES' projects are described below. Every case is customized for the client's experience level and specifications.*


TRADE RESOURCES designed business databases and surveys, conducted and analyzed primary research to evaluate potential importers, distributors and retailers in Japan, Taiwan and Korea for the introduction and distribution of candies produced by a medium-size US candy manufacturer.

RESULTS: Joint venture developed, Brand awareness created abroad, Enhanced company know-how for international marketing.
Trade Resources


TRADE RESOURCES conducted a comprehensive research analysis of 14 basic industries for a European foreign trade organization that sought to understand the market trends, purchasing practices and opportunities for subcontracting into the US industrial product market.

RESULTS: Companies represented in each industry informed of their market outlook, Information served as a strategic plan, Reference guide produced for trade show exhibitors.
Trade Resources


TRADE RESOURCES compiles and analyzes the export and import performance of US appliance manufacturers in a monthly report published on the Internet website of a major US trade association. Major trends are tracked in special and other global reports. View these here.

RESULTS: Member companies regularly informed of industry's international competitiveness, Timely ability to monitor long-term trends and short term changes concerning international opportunities.


TRADE RESOURCES provides curricular development and management assistance for educational institutions. For example, TRL managed a speakers program for a Midwest-based university at its European facility where corporate and government executives provided their insights into global management for undergraduate and graduate business students. Predeparture workshops have also been designed and conducted. View an example here.

RESULTS: Students gain practical perspectives on international management, Future business employment contacts established, Positive corporate public service rendered.


Economic Development

TRADE RESOURCES performed indepth analysis of the national and global trends and forecasts for tooling and machining and the industry strengths and weaknesses for a Midwest community. Supply chain activities were evaluated in a global context to address the constantly changing business and manufacturing environments. An advanced manufacturing campus in a downtown location could yield value-added services to support the industry.

RESULTS: The City and industry were advised to support and make changes in business practices. Real estate in the downtown area was assessed for the creation of an Advanced Manufacturing Campus.



TRADE RESOURCES managed promotional events abroad such as introducing American-made products to European and Latin American buyers, and presenting European foods and beverages for the consideration of US importers and buyers.

RESULTS: US importers identified for foods and beverages, Global distributors and agents qualified for exporting building material/hardware products.

Due Diligence

TRADE RESOURCES provided due diligence in securing U. S. Food and Drug Administration registrations for importing consumer optical wear sourced from Asia to the US.

RESULTS: Lawful administrative requirements followed, Distributor's product line extended.

*This represents a sample of our experience. Feel free to contact us for other case examples and to forward your Request for a Proposal (RFP).

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