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Welcome to TRADE RESOURCES LTD. and welcome to a fresh approach for developing your business.

TRADE RESOURCES LTD. is a marketing management firm that helps business develop global markets. The company was founded by Laura Spingola in 1984 on the belief that trade, and opportunities to trade, can lead to world peace.

A business-to-business company, TRADE RESOURCES serves business, government, educational institutions and global trade organizations by supplying international management, marketing and reporting services augmented by critical decision-making information. We are dedicated to utilizing factual information as we move business from international concept to action in all projects.

Our philosophy is simple. Opportunity for trade creates dialogue among people. This forum, be it physical or virtual, unites diverse people globally with the intent to produce understanding and solutions for effective marketing in an interrelated environment. The theme is universal. We offer many dynamic ways to make this happen.

TRADE RESOURCES is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. To penetrate geographic markets outside the United States, we assemble specialized teams of multidisciplinary professionals who provide the relevant knowledge, country experience and cultural awareness needed for successful project completion. This hands-on approach to international business service, combined with current data and analytic capability, provides strategic direction and expert skills for global success.

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